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(ar032) aures - one cd (ar031) che chen - block flute signal #1 /
t-h-r-s-h-l-d-s cassette
(ar030) minoru sato -m/s & asuna -
measure in nature cd
(ar029) mirror to mirror - yesterday
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(ar028) chris weisman - message from
work cd
(ar027) mike shannon - sensa
atmospheres cassette
(ar026) jonathan zorn - you cannot be
everywhere: you cannot do every thing
(AR024) Sun circle - tapes 2cd
(AR023) greg davis & jeph jerman cassette (ar022) jeph jerman - arrastre cassette (ar021) chris weisman - transparency 2cd (ar020) ben vida & greg davis - s/t cd

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(ar019) john krausbauer - imager cd (ar018) k. leimer - music for land & water
(ar017) martin arnold - tam lin cd (ar016) john clyde-evans - go gracious kiki
change cassette
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(ar015) chris weisman - fresh sip cassette (ar014) kurt weisman - orange cd (ar012) ben vida - patchwork cassette (ar011) sun circle - tour cassette
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(ar010) ruth garbus - rendezvous with
rama cd
(ar009) kurt & chris weisman - over the
shadow's door split 7"
(ar008) greg davis - primes cd (ar007) chris weisman - tape walk cd
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(ar006) chris weisman & greg davis
northern songs cdr
(ar005) greg davis - midway cdr (ar004) sun circle - s/t lp (ar003) ROTFLOL - rolling on the floor laughing
out loud 7"
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(ar002) greg davis & don mennerich split
(ar001) various artists - autumnature cd