che chen - block flute signal #1 / t-h-r-s-h-l-d-s cassette

release date: 04/03/12
100 copies

professionally duplicated cassette with laser printed j-card
artwork by che chen
mastered by greg davis

his is one of che's first proper solo releases (after last year's excellent pulaski wave 7" and some self-released recordings). che uses a nice palette of instruments along with tape recorders / loops / delay to create warm fidelity, organic, and pulsing sounds. side a is a beautiful long form flute meditation. side b is an episodic composition alternating between field recordings and instruments/tones, reflecting the ideas of thresholds from outside to in, passing through, up and down. movements from one space to another. che's music hints at aspects of christina kubisch, phill niblock and/or takehisa kosugi's music while forging his own unique path in our current digital age.

"Block Flute Signal #1 - a long form piece that works with the harmonic and timbral possibilities of a simple set of materials. two block flutes--a bass recorder and small double recorder (eastern european in origin)--played by humming and blowing simultaneously to create more than one pitch. the tape loop consists of a simple two-note pattern played on the double recorder, pitched down one octave.
(double flute, bass recorder, voice and tape)

T-H-R-S-H-L-D-S - conceived of as a sequence of episodic concrete sounds, out of an interest in listening to things one at a time, as discrete sound forms, that progress in series. intervals of silence and field recordings made while passing through various thresholds and doorways form transitions between the various sounds.
(zither, sine wave generators, feedback, tape delay and field recordings)"


side 1:
block flute signal #1

side 2:

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