minoru sato -m/s & asuna - measure in nature cd

release date: 05/01/12
200 copies

silk-screened cardboard ecopak
artwork by saiko kimura
mastered by greg davis

minoru sato & asuna have been working together over the last 8 years or so. they have previously put out 2 excellent records (on spekk and senufo). their duo finds common ground from two distinct voices. minoru is known for his sound work exploring lucier-esque paths of making physical phenomena audible and the use of feedback and natural resonant frequencies. asuna is quite a musical chameleon, ranging from noise blasts, free improv, beats, pop songs, dense organ drones, field recordings and toy music sound collages.

'measure in nature' collects two long form pieces recorded in 2004 & 2011 spanning the width of their collaboration so far.

'resonances transition in nature states' highlights asuna's contribution a bit more, a thick shimmering and pulsating bed of prepared reed organ drone stasis (reed organs with the keyboard and entire casing removed just leaving the chromatic organ reeds, motor / air system and soundboard) subtly accentuated and filtered through minoru's resonant tubes and vases.

'solid vibrations of each organ through nrf amplification' highlights minoru's system. shifting tonal centers of pure resonant frequency feedback through glass tubes and vases along with asuna's crackling and burnt organ motor textures. this piece is less static than the first with more arcs and waves and weight.

i've been working on putting together a release with these two wonderful japanese musicians for several years now and im thrilled with what finally came together. it was worth the wait. this is an especially focused, conceptually tight and musically rich album.


1. resonances transition in nature states
2. solid vibrations of each organ through nrf amplification

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