mirror to mirror - yesterday cassette

release date: 11/17/11
100 copies

professionally duplicated cassette with laser printed j-card
artwork by greg davis

mirror to mirror is alex twomey from los angeles.
his previous mirror to mirror music has been released on ekhein, jugular forest, arbor, gift tapes and more. while alex usually offers up blissful cloud spaces, here on 'yesterday' he moves in a much more melodic way. joyous sequences, bright shapes & radiant harmonics. reminiscent at times of michaal stearns' 'm'ocean'. alex still retains the blissful, peaceful and lush feelings but now its shaded with more movement, energy and inertia. the shape of things to come?


side 1:
1) be nice
2) take me
3) i want to be going
4) inside

side 2:
1) every night
2) keep it out of your head
all comes back
4) time for what

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