chris weisman - message from work cd


release date: 12/12/11
200 copies

silk-screened cardboard ecopak
artwork by chris weisman

'message from work' is a clear evolution / distillation of chris' epic prior album 'transparency'. the mood is somber and reflective. maybe his most personal album so far. very self reflective. like looking into a mirror while holding a mirror. chris exposes the process of his songs and thoughts. mostly acoustic guitars and ukelele with touches of bass and keybords and other things. its a lightly sad album. a vermont winter album. then there is the final track of the cd which is an album within an album. song form long form minimalism. trance verse. repeating for infinity. the song that has no ending (or beginning). the weird song that makes no sense that plays over and over throughout your life. that is it. a pointer to the future perhaps?


1. music on a tape
2. um tar me alari
3. acoustic guitar
4. feature dana
5. shake the page
6. i was money
7. when you don't remember
8. life on the pointy knife
9. only for you
10. xerox park
11. palimpsest
12. message from work
13. ideas
14. woman of bidi

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