michael shannon - sensa atmospheres cassette

release date: 09/27/11
100 copies

professionally duplicated cassette with laser printed j-card
photos by michael shannon
layout by greg davis

michael shannon has been a quiet force in the seattle music scene and elsewhere for many many years. his anomalous records lp 'laguz' first caught my attention and he also made an excellent album 'raido' for digitalis. mike's music is often a one man band affair. he plays everything from bass to percussion to stones/leaves/sticks to dilruba to tibetan bowls and more. 'sensa atmospheres' is a long form piece that he composed in 1992. it weaves a beautiful tapestry of sounds. a lovely ethno-electro-acoustic journey full of field recordings, home built percussion, oscillators, erhu and dilruba. mike has always been making cool music way before it was cool.


side 1:
1) sensa atmospheres - part 1
2) sensa atmospheres - part 2

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