jonathan zorn - you cannot be everywhere: you cannot do every thing cassette

release date: 09/27/11
100 copies

professionally duplicated cassette with laser printed j-card
artwork & photo by jonathan zorn
layout by greg davis

jonathan zorn (no relation to the other zorn) used to hang out at anthony braxton's house as a kid and he would play stockhausen records for them. this gives you an idea of where jonathan is coming from. while jonathan was working towards his ph.d at university of virginia at charlottesville, he had access to the very rare and amazing arp 2500 synthesizer. apparently he was the only one who even knew how to turn the thing on (by crawling under the synth and reaching up into the cabinet to turn on the switch). i commissioned to him to make some pieces with the arp 2500 and here are the results. 2 long slow patient and evolving pieces of cosmic weirdness. certainly flying in a different zone than the current crop of synth music.


side 1:
1) you cannot be everywhere
2) you cannot do every thing

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