jeph jerman & greg davis cassette

release date: 09/27/11
150 copies

professionally duplicated cassette with laser printed j-card
images by mark tobey
layout by greg davis

jeph jerman and i get together every once and awhile around christmas time at his studio in cottonwood, arizona and make some recordings. we've been doing this since around 2003. we made the music for this cassette in december 2009. i had the idea of doing 4-5 pieces of homogenous multi-tracked sounds, each 10 minutes long. we chose a few categories of natural objects for each piece and recorded many tracks for hours. eventually i mixed it all back in vermont and this is the final result. dense thickets of acoustic sounds. static walls of natural objects. unmoving. no progression, no development. just listen.


side 1:
1) 1-2
2) 3-4

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