chris weisman - transparency 2cd

release date: 02/01/11
300 copies

2 disc full color jewel case package
artwork & layout by ryan storm

"in a hardly circulated and seldom referenced 1967 interview with paul mccartney and john lennon from during the making of what would become sergeant pepper's lonely hearts club band, they use the words "jokes" and "folk" in describing their new music. with this crazy perceptual distance between the artist and the public in mind - between what they think they're doing and how we end up boxing it - consider chris weisman's song-based albums not as "pop" but as an almost side effect of jazz, an upper extension (if you will) over a base of changes playing, free improvisation, and guitar teaching. jazz is more self consciously a field in pursuit of novel pitch relations than the retro rainbow of what calls itself pop now (though his vermont boot grinds deceptively deeply into many of its potholes), and the project of making wrong notes work - at the expense of popularity for over 20 years - is transparently weisman's nerdy ambition (this is the author of a book called "nonmusical patterns and their mystical meanings"). "transparency" - chris' latest (always imagined to be his last) - : joke folk through and through, his "the beatles", 30 songs and all. " -donald christopher 2011

chris weisman's new double album folk/pop masterpiece. his most personal & accessible album yet. for fans of elliott smith, the beatles, and weird music.


01. round
02. music in the line
03. the winning blues
04. bicycle
05. symbols and signs
06. number 2 man
07. almost a mood
08. the radial spoke
09. money madness
10. transparency
11. feel the houses
12. anybody's time
13. fire and flame
14. rosenwinkel vertigo
15. sound of the summer

01. the beatles
02. be easy on yourself
03. in the walls
04. the pilot's skull
05. contact high
06. no business shoes
07. ordinary consciousness
08. 1999
09. the sun comes back
10. rain doctor
11. mystery
12. the sweetest flags
13. arabesque
14. crosst bridge
15. angleterre anywhere

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