chris weisman - fresh sip cassette

release date: 02/02/10
150 copies

professionally duplicated cassette with laser printed j-card
artwork by ruth garbus

chris weisman emerges again with more
new vermont music
two stereo albums of multi-colored songs (yen you & i don't care again)
rainbow music (see: aja cover)
balanced & varied
the tone is right

white light refracting through a prism
sunshine through trees through curtains, reflecting mind mirrors
this is a white album (or maybe a mccartney iii)
and when you take out the 4 picture inserts of the beatles
they look like warhol images, silk-screened with the brightest neon colors
spray painted / crayon scribbles / paint splatters / computer generated geometry
repeating to infinity
like an 80s local motion advertisement
or 90s pbs specials graphics
or 00s paperrad animation retro/bizarro fantasies
(in the 50s, every dad was thin)

four dimensional
dynamic spectrum of
rockers acapella synth guitars electric acoustic
drums pedals folk vocals fuzz pop tapes solo bass
yamaha dx7 / dx100 (kaleidoscopic sound paintings)
fm synthesis on the am dial
crackling static, faint reception
fifth world

(re: magnetic fields, lyle mays, stevie wonder, the beatles, five stairsteps, loggins, fagen, etc...)

[if you can, imagine chris in the back of the midi van, wearing a rainbow chris hat,
wrapped in an indian blanket, floating just above an oriental rug, eating an heirloom apple,
reading richard brautigan, focusing on the flute in the middle of the air, dream catching dream songs]

this is some of chris' best music yet (maybe his best is always now?)

the blank page (mind) is alive
steep (sit) for 62 minutes (hours/days/months/years/lifetimes...)
take a fresh sip (always)
listen deeply
find the feel & get on the trail...


side a: "yen you"
1. saved in chats
2. 999
3. i'm the author
4. apple season
5. capricorn
6. open tuning
7. blowing all over the bay
8. nu carta
9. yen you
10. focus on the flute  

side b: "i don't care again"
1. fresh sip
2. midi van
3. i don't care again
4. mr. man
5. hardcore experimentation
6. lies about me
7. teacher in rags
8. if i say so myself (i used to be an elf)
9. all night night

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