kurt weisman - orange cd

release date: 02/02/10
300 copies

silk-screened cardboard ecopak
with black & white woodblock
print copy insert by ben stamper

the color?
a town in new jersey?
the flipside of the beatles?
the fruit?
the sun?
the unrhymeable?

orange is kurt weisman's second album
(after 2008's spiritual sci-fi, a few 7"s & e.p.'s, and his work in feathers)
it is a brilliantly chiseled gem. a beautiful garnet, or perhaps an orange chalcedony.

there are traces of traditional norwegian melodies, atonal counterpoint, simple folk songs, new age blues, spacy doo wop, neo-classicism, love songs and a detour of the following....(orange lady, orange was the color of her dress then blue silk, shades of orange, orange juice blues, woodsmoke & oranges, onion orange, apples & oranges, funktion orange, draped in fluorescent orange, orange claw hammer, oranges & lemons)

kurt abandoned the micro-editing & digital processing of his previous music (for now)
there isn't a trace of computer trickery on orange which makes this a straight forward, well balanced, deceptively simple(r), honest album. 
there isn't a single note of filler here, every sound sits still in perfect place.

kurt lives in a cabin in the woods near putney, vermont. 
it seems that the quiet, peaceful isolation permeated this music.
these songs were ingrained and steeped deeply within kurt's soul (and fingers) over the course of a few years. now he is a mirror reflecting them back to us with love to the universe.

orange is mostly kurt singing and playing guitars but there are tasteful additions of clarinets from robert stillman (horses) and kinetic sparkling keyboards from eliot krimsky (glass ghost) & a touch of other instruments & sounds by kurt. included is a nice insert of a woodblock print of a horse by ben stamper (ben + vesper) who also helped produce the album.

these are songs of ascension.
(thermal clouds. bird flight. spirits rising. love growing. spirals. wide open skies. heavenward.)

in his special way, maybe kurt has found his own center, his deep bliss, his unique way to tap into the universal body / mind.

orange will be everyone's new favorite color.
shining the most radiantly pure light into your ears.


1. new england snakes
2. self-portrait with skull
3. let my spirit rise
4. rainbow blues
5. orange
6. when i saw him with you
7. new blueberry song
8. tulip tree trail

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