ben vida - patchwork cassette

release date: 01/04/10
100 copies

professionally duplicated cassette with laser printed j-card

ben vida is best known for his work as bird show or town & country or singer or any number of other projects he's been involved with over the past decade or so.

ben has been totally zonking out to morton subotnick, robert ashley, league of automatic music composers, karlheinz stockhausen, klaus schulze, aphex twin and more. 

and this cassette showcases his recent forays into electronic synthesizer music. he has been slowly refining his set-up/sound/process to achieve more and more unique & varied results.

there has been a lot of new synth music floating around recently but ben stands firmly away from the usual drone/new age/kraut/ambient zone on this one. instead, he dials in some great automatic/hands-free patches on his moog voyager semi-modular system and lets them do their thing. 

what we get here is a swirling,cycling mass of tones and shapes and colors. the process of now. the idea of eternity is just around the corner. ben selected excerpts from these infinite synth patches and they all flow together to make an energetic and dynamic listening experience.


side a:
1. #0 patch four
2. #1 patch eight
3. #2 patch eleven
4. #3(4) patch twelve and twelve a
5. #5 patch ten
6. #7 patch fifteen
7. #7.1 patch d+m four (patch 20)
8. #8 patch sixteen

side b:
1. #9 patch two
2. #11 patch nine
3. #12 patch five
4. #13 patch nine a
5. #14 patch one

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