ruth garbus - rendezvous with rama cd

release date: 01/04/10
300 copies

silk-screened cardboard ecopak
artwork by ruth garbus
recorded by ryan power

ruth garbus used to be in a band called feathers. you might remember them if you were absorbed in the neo-psych-folk-whatever-you-call-it scene about half a decade ago or so. (she still plays with kyle t. in a band called happy birthday / she lives with c. weisman in brattleboro / her sister is merrill tune-yards)

ruth has been slowly crafting a bunch of solo songs in private. a couple of years ago, she made a short album called ruthie's requests on a little cassette machine.
(if you blinked, you probably missed it)

well now its 2010 and she is here with some new vermont music.
(and there is more to come....)
this is her orbital turn. 
a chance for her tones to float out over the airwaves now...
we are very happy to present you with ruth's debut album, rendezvous with rama.

these days, not many people can pull off a record this lovely of just electric guitar and vocals but ruth does it. her music flows with ease and beauty and grace. her guitar parts suggest cascading choirs and unheard contrapuntal vistas. and her lyrics invoke scenes from:
imaginary worlds (visual art)
everyday worlds (house painter)
we are lucky to get a glimpse into the creative fantasy/reality lands of this quiet artist.

recorded in burlington, vermont by ryan power in a large warehouse with spacious natural reverb.
an intimate fall / winter vibe captured on a 2-track reel to reel tape machine.this is perfect music for snowfalling(s)

fragile and flowing
dark and joyous
natural and quiet
movement and stillness

(possible reference point: vashti bunyan singing & playing an electric guitar, recording for ecm?)
ruth's songs get deeper and different and beyond any of those easy references.

is she a singer/songwriter? folk musician? chanteuse? torch singer? jazz vocalist? new age artist? tropicalia? early music?
im not sure what we should call it.
maybe all of the above. 
well it doesn't really matter anyhow because
we think you'll think ruth's new album is super good.


1. falling down to earth
2. fly away
3. video piano
4. the finish field
5. halloween
6. tarp face
7. spy zone
8. my apple

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