kurt weisman & chris weisman - over the shadow's door 7"

release date: 10/20/09
300 hand numbered copies with
hand stamped labels
on colored vinyl (pink & blue)
cover art by emma weisman

over the shadow's door is a unified artistic project by the ever creative weisman siblings. a title was chosen and then kurt, chris and emma set about making music / art to correspond with the title. this is the result.

kurt opens things up on side a with lovely spiralling acoustic guitar patterns and his trademark high angelic tenor falsetto vocals (along with the ghost of kurt weisman singing even higher vocal harmonies!)

"no i can not be a man anymore"

on side b, chris slashes and cuts through echoed word raps over spindly guitar licks and drum stick clicks (he'll explain it to you in the song). the chorus reaches a droney low voice counterpoint stasis. a nice little coda at the end with brazilian guitar tones and a chunky bassline. 

"who says that i can't find the floor?"

emma's artwork is a wonderful children's book style cross hatch illustration. someone crawling on floor trying to open the purple shadow door. while another on the first floor is climbing a ladder to peer at the ceiling galaxies / stars. strange paintings on the wall above the orange couch. are there are more questions than answers?


a1. kurt weisman - over the shadow's door
b1. chris weisman - over the shadow's door

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