chris weisman - tape walk cd

release date: 06/01/09
300 copies

silk-screened cardboard ecopak
drawings by chris weisman

new hampshire native
new school vermonter
brattleboro residence
chris has been quietly singing his songs for years

giving away cdrs & cassettes to friends
planting his music here and there

jazz guitarist (studied)
made up his own book of guitar pattern(s)hapes
little room
small coffees & yogurt
sometimes soup or raw carrot
higher octave music
purple fleece jacket
maybe green pants
inverted guitar

he knows every oblique & obscure corner of the beatles
wrapped in blanket or poncho
did you know that paul used a capo on his bass?
white george harrison hat from the strawberry fields video

joyous open presence
curious infinitely creative mind
look into the third eye
its the ocean
daily mountain climber
late night talk

"all roads descend toward town" (snyder)

chris sheds personal taste filters (buddhism) to get into a very wide range of
songs, histories, moods, vibes, feels, memories, instincts, styles, love, peace
he takes chances (thank you john cage!)
pushes limits & boundaries & envelopes
this is pure, intuitive, heart music

lyrical imagery
strange and funny and spiritual
always honest

melodic twist & turns
harmonic curveballs
makes sense
always catchy

sweet tenor voice like that of colin blunstone
loves robyn hitchcock & syd barrett & steely dan & keith jarrett & jerry garcia
like the best tunes of the elephant 6

chris is a prolific songwriter
he's (more than) the daniel johnston of the new age

and now its the obama age
so its cool to write songs again
and its more than okay to like songs again

not many can craft a weird smart pop song like chris does
he is the bearer of a torch
running towards the ever expanding finish (beginning) line (light)
listening is easy
so do yourself a favor...
let these songs get stuck in your head for awhile

"tape walk" is a new collection of chris weisman songs taken from many of his self-released albums


1. working on my skateboarding
2. b.o.a.c.
3. be and
4. red book
5. the dancer
6. day sleeper
7. dissonant beauty to be forgotten
8. pigs of glass
9. fa mi may (dream away)
10. morty's rugs
11. natural cymbal
12. the o chord
13. polyglot
14. complex complex
15. welcome to reality smith
16. world of the snowsun
17. you made a drawing

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