chris weisman & greg davis - northern songs cdr

release date: 05/01/09
100 copies - tour only

silk-screened cardboard ecopak
drawings by ryan storm

'northern songs' is the debut collaborative project between fellow vermonters, chris weisman & greg davis.

chris has been prolifically & quietly writing and recording songs for many years. greg has been involved in all types of music and has made many records for various labels. he is maybe best known for his drone music and his electro-acoustic computer music work.

for this album, chris sent greg some basic songs on 4-track tapes. usually just guitars, vocals, and maybe another instrument here or there. greg dumped the tracks into his computer and overdubbed all manner of instruments, vocals, and used his signature computer processing techniques to further embellish, explode & extend the arrangements of the songs. the result is a strange, fantastic, wonderful, joyous, weird world of songs with many twists and turns & harmonic / melodic / textural surprises. it is a journey from beginning to end. it takes some time to get acclimated to this sound world, but give it a chance to seep in. repeated listenings will reward the listener & reveal more and more detail, depth and beauty.

'northern songs' is the perfect marriage of chris' lyrical imagery & far out song-craft with greg's expansive computer production / arrangement & compositional ideas. we are really excited about this record & we hope that you will enjoy it.


1. new americans
2. christalline
3. hat of night
4. reading road
5. it's all too much
6. we won't survive
7. the nine times
8. steaming bowl
9. crystal under brattleboro

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