rotflol - rolling on the floor laughing out loud 7"

release date: 02/11/03
500 copies

rotflol is pittsburgh based jacob ciocci, part of the paperrad crew (along with jessica ciocci and ben jones). when jacob isn't creating zines or flash animations or busy at CMU, he is making music that's as colorful as the clothes he wears. here he brings us four lo-fi, melodic, junked out, video gamey, crazy dancetime electro tracks. positive, fun, and uplifting. this music is like all of this 'neo-electro/synth pop' stuff, except better and without the cold, robotic, black turtleneck attitude. jacob also created wonderful day-glo hand silkscreened covers himself for a little retinal dazzle which completes the rotflol experience.


a1. ghost forest night rave
a2. dunes of plenty (dudes of plenty)
b1. danny's revenge
b2. i heart computerz

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